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Środek do oczyszczenia procesorów wywoływarek Preparat do mycia wywoływarek oraz kuwet do wywoływania płyt offsetowych. Baco Clean PP jest także zalecany do mycia urządzeń wywołujących filmy fotograficzne oraz do wszelkich typów foto-labów. Doskonale usuwa, osady wapienne, osadzające się pozosta..

Fountain Solution Concentrate for WEB

Can be used with the following systems:

- brushes;

- traditional;

- turbo spray.


• strong stabilizing effect of the fountain solution;

• high quality wetting of the plate at high speeds;

• contains biocidal compounds that reduce the quentity of bacteria, fungi and algae;

• maintains an optimal paint and water balance.

Technical data:

• density - 1.11;

• pH - 4.7 (± 0.1).


• it is recommended to add 2-3%;

• stabilizes the pH in the range of 4.9-5.1;

• initial indicators Ec - at the beginning of 1600-2100;

• due to its strong buffering properties, it can work effectively

with the following indicators:

pH - 5.9, Ec - 3200.

Use chemicals safely. Always read the label and product information before use. For hazard instructions and safety advice please refer to the actual material safety data sheet. Our recommendations regarding our products are based on in-depth scientific testing in our Research Department, they are given in good faith, but no liability can be derived from them.

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